Onsumer behavior: halal foods:in Thailand(havent name it yet)

My supervisor mentioned a couple of references that might help you on halal consumption, they are:

1. Determinants of hala meat consumption in France. Bonne, Vermeir, Bergeaud-Blackler and Verbeke 2007 British Food Journal col 109, Issue 5, page 367-386

2. Predicting intention to choose halal products using theory of reasoned action. Lada, Tanakinjal and Amin. International Journal of Islamic and middle Eastern Finance and Management 2009, Vol 2, Issue 1, page 66-76.

Also, I have sent you the name of topic, which should be followed on the model and apply further to my paper a¦for example
-Predicting online grocery buying intention: a comparison of the theory of reasoned action and the theory of planned behavior. i?  (change Online grocery buying intentionto any sentences relate to my topic and perhaps do a comparison of those 2 theory same as above topic !!!!)
Also, the file attached can be a good guide to follow and adapt to my proposed topic

Could you please name a? the topica? for me ??

Note that: I need to upload related file ,could you please suggest which way to do so??