Onsumer behavior MBA class case write up : Renova Toilet Paper

Please carefully follow below instructions and grading criteria. I will upload the case document in pdf format. Please let me know if there are anything else that I can help! thanks!

Written analysis of Renova Toilet Paper

1. A concise executive summary: This should include the single most important problem facing the company and outline the recommendations.br /
2. Recommendations br /
A) Start with a statement of the marketing goal. It should include a time frame.br /
B) The marketing strategy recommended to achieve this goal (including the positioning statement)br /
C) The action plan comes next (i.e. the marketing mix). It should include detailed and actionable solutionsbr /
D) The expected benefits of the recommended solutions.br /
br /
The case write-ups will be graded according to:br /
1. Quality of problem diagnosis: the source of identifiable symptoms or key impediment to attaining the stated goals is defined.br /
2. Quality of recommendations. Specific and practical plans recognizing implementation issues are providedbr /
3. Writing style and organizations. The write-up is logically structured and is clear and concise. Exhibits should support your paper, but ensure the argument in the paper can stand on its own. Never append an exhibit that is not referred to in the text. There is no need to repeat facts from the case except to explicitly support conclusion.