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Consumer Behavior Analysis Paper/Presentation Monday, November 17 20 points

For the topic of this project, identify a specific consumer purchase decision that you will analyze (e.g. the purchase of furniture, a cell phone, MP3 player, mountain bike, surf board, dog food, etc., or the decision to use the services of a restaurant, hotel, landscape maintenance company, coffee shop, etc). The goal of this project is to analyze the consumer behavior related to this purchase process and gain a complete understanding of the consumers making this kind of purchase.

You must apply consumer behavior concepts presented in the textbook as you analyze:
o the purchase process
o the marketing mix
o and the behavior of the target consumers.

You must fully describe
o the product/service,
o the marketing mix used by marketers
o characteristics of the target market
o the consumer behavior exhibited by the target market
o and any additional insights gained from the primary and secondary research you conducted.

You should link your research and analysis to the consumer behavior concepts covered in the course text.

You are expected to
o Complete both secondary and primary research for this project.
o Ensure secondary research includes a minimum of five credible sources that relate directly to the purchase process you are studying or the consumer behavior exhibited by the target market.
o Ensure primary research includes at least one 10-question survey that you create and successfully administer to a minimum of 30 people.
o Ensure primary research includes interviews of consumers who have engaged in the purchase process you are analyzing
You may choose to use You are strongly encouraged to conduct surveys or interviews of marketers involved in selling the product or service. This will give you valuable insight about the marketing mix used by marketers.

Your final paper is to consist of an 8-12 page paper that presents your findings. Note: The 8-12 page target length does not include the title page, table of contents, executive summary, citations, or appendices. The paper must be in APA format, including in-text citations. Transcripts of interviews, copies of surveys administered, and survey data are to be included in an Appendix section. Please consult an APA style guide for formatting instructions.

This Consumer Behavior Analysis assignment will include an essay paper and a PowerPoint Presentation. PowerPoint presentation must include a minimum of 5 to 9 slides and a 10-15 minute oral presentation of same information requested for Consumer Behavior Analysis paper.