Onsumer Behaviors the Influence Internet Usage

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Tips for the Methods Revision
The key to understanding this assignment is to first understand the purpose of the Sample APA paper.
The Sample APA paper is a research proposal paper in which the authors are presenting the previous research on online consumer behavior. Then, in the Research Methods section, there should be a new research study that has never been done before.
The main objective of writing the methods section of the paper is to create an original research study proposal that has never been done before. This is a study that you are proposing. You are encouraged to come up with your own ideas. Make sure to include each area that is required on the grading rubric for this assignment. You should consult chapter 2 (pages 29-32) in your APA manual for a complete explanation and an example of a correct Method section.

The Method section should be divided into two categories with different emphases: 1) describing participants, and 2) describing the procedure. Within those two broad categories, you should include subsections that address the following elements: 1) experimental manipulations or interventions, 2) sampling procedures/size, 3) measurement approaches, and 4) research design/procedure. Be sure to state the methodology clearly so that the study is understandable and repeatable.
As part of this assignment, you should also create a survey that attempts to answer the research question. You are not required to conduct the research; simply create the survey. The survey should be on a separate page, not in the middle of your method section.
. For example, give the participants a scale of 1-5, 1 being excellent, 5 being poor, etc. There are different types of scales you could use, but that way, the data can be collected and measured. Also, make sure all of your questions in the survey are worded in the same way so that they can be answered using the scale. Read the questions that you create and ask yourself if they make sense to you. Also, the more questions you have in a survey, the more data you have to analyze, and the data is more reliable if you ask the same type of questions twice in a survey, but in a different way. That way, the participants have the opportunity to answer a question twice that is worded two different ways, so it helps with consistency and validity.

1. Use a Research question/Hypothesis on which to base your research study and questions in your survey a a?What are the effects of online consumer behavior?a?
a. A common mistake is asking general questions about website satisfaction.
b. Make sure to think from a psychological point of view instead of a business point of view.
2. In order to create a research proposal, think a?If I were to do a research study on the effects of online consumer behavior, how would I do it? What questions would I ask in my survey? What population or sample size would I use? How would I gather my information? How would I analyze my information?a?
3. Participants subheading
a. Demographic characteristics
b. Sample procedure
c. Sample size
4. Procedures subheading
a. Research design/procedure
i. Describe your research study in detail.
ii. What type of design are you using?
iii. What is the exact procedure of your study?
b. Measurement approaches
i. How would you analyze your data?
c. Experimental manipulations/interventions
i. What type of instructions will be given to the participants?
ii. What type of setting will you administer your survey?
iii. How many questions are in your survey? What type of questions? What is the goal behind the questions?
iv. How much time will they have to complete the survey?
d. Conclusion
i. What are your predictions for what the data will show?
ii. What is the potential bias of your study?
5. Survey
a. At least 25-30 questions
b. Questions are aimed at answering research question
c. Use a rating scale for your answers
i. Example: 1Very likely; 5Very unlikely
ii. Data is easily measured when the answers can be organized and analyzed