Onsumer Behaviour and Internationalisation Strategies in the Polish Retail Industry Kaufland versus Tesco

I only need help with the statistical analysis of 2 identical surveys I have conducted in 2 different supermarkets, one in Tesco and one in Kaufland, both in Poland. I have coded the surveys and typed in the results into Excel. Questions 1-5 are in a Likert scale format and coded from 1 (for strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). Question 6 is open end and can be neglected in the analysis. The demographic section is coded from 1 to 4(or 5) top down.

I only need the results of the questionnaires. As in: is there a tendency? For example: the older the consumer, the more time they spend on comparing prices.

Basically I would like to find out how their shopping behaviour is linked to their age, income, gender and so on. Can any generalisations be made?

I would need the results written out in a word file or as tables and graphs in excel.

Please also let me know which statistical methods you used to analyse the data (as in T-Test for examle)

I need the results for both supermarkets separately! This is very important, as I would like to compare the results.

The overall deadline for my dissertation is the 20th of March and it is a 10000 word undergraduate dissertation.

If there is anything else you need to know, please contact me.

PS: I dont see where I can upload my files