Onsumer behaviour and organic food purchases

Write 3000 words report essay about Consumer Behaviour and Organic Food Purchase”. The report should be based on ONE theory in the lectures and also cover TWO other theories from (Power Point Slides((attached))).

Then find information that is related to the theories from the articles attached as well as you must other academic articles found by your own research.

The assignment should be in a report structure format.

Please make all the citations from the references in your own words with regard of stating the in text reference to it in Harvard referencing style.

All the references used should be listed in the end of the report in Harvard Referencing Style.

You can use this book as a reference for your information::

Solomon M.R., Dann, S., Dann S.J. and Russell-Bennett, R. (2007) Consumer Behaviour: Buying, Having and Being, 1st Ed.., New Jersey Prentice-Hall Inc.

Topic 1  Consumer behaviour and organic food purchases

You are the newly appointed marketing manager for a food produce retailer considering expanding their business to include organic food products. You have been requested to prepare a report for senior management regarding consumer behaviour and the purchase of organic foods. Consumer behaviour towards organic foods is an emerging issue for many retail grocery outlets and produce markets in Australia. The importance of this area of food has been demonstrated in the major supermarkets where more and more space is being made available for such products (see for example Coles and Woolworths). Additionally, these supermarket chains are developing their own  brands for organic products. The client is keen to understand what influences consumers behaviour in this important area of food retailing.

Your project should be prepared for senior management and address the following points:

Using one of the attitude theories identified, together with 2 other selected theories covered in the course and following some in-depth secondary research, you will:

” Identify and explain what factors influence consumer behaviour towards organic food purchases, ensuring that they are relevant to your selected theories and involve concepts and principles that we have covered in the course.
” Provide a brief analysis of the implications of your key findings in terms of how these consumer behaviours might impact on the way your organisation markets to their consumers.
” Provide three (3) consumer behaviour based strategies that your client could implement to encourage consumers to consider making purchases of organic food products.

For this assignment you are required to conduct secondary research to locate a minimum of (15) articles that relate specifically to consumer behaviour and organic food purchasing in Australia and other countries, for example Europe. These articles should be a mixture of academic articles, practitioner based articles or industry reports and statistics, as long as they have a consumer behaviour focus and are relevant to the topic area (rather than marketing in general). I suggest you start with The British Food Journal, (in particular, articles published during 2005, for example Emma Lea and Tony Wolsley in Vol. 107, No. 10/11). You may also cite other sources of consumer behaviour information over and above the seven articles required above.