Onsumer Behaviour experienceBased on a hobby, interest or activities.


As the study of consumer behaviour is all about understanding what we all do every single day of our lives, this assignment will draw heavily on your own purchase and consumption experiences. As such, you are to base this assignment around one of your hobbies, interests or activities.

For example, you may have a particular interest in a:

Sport  e.g, golf, wrestling, football, hockey, basketball etc.
Activity  e.g., cooking, dancing,driving, painting, gym workouts, eating etc.
Interest  computers, politics, cars, health, cause etc.
Person, Celebrity, Characters, TV Show  e.g., Star Trek, The Simpsons etc.

PART A (5 Marks)

” Explain your chosen hobby or activity and how long your interest has been in this area.
” List all the purchases you have made in relation to your hobby/activity.
” In this list say how often these purchases are made e.g., are they repeat purchases, or once only purchases.
” Be very thorough. For example, if your chosen activity is a sport, you may regularly buy magazines associated with it. Try and think of everything.

PART B (20 Marks)

Now referring to your text bookby Schiffman,L. Bednall,D.OCass, A. Paladino,A & Kanuk, L(2005) Consumer Behaviour 3rd Ed. Pearsons Education, Frenchs Forests.
Determine what you think has been the most significance influence in relation to your adopting this hobby/interest. Listed are three hypothetical examples.

Hobby/Interest Main Influence
Rock Climbing Personality  you tend to be a thrill seeker
AFL Football Your family  e.g., they have always followed AFL
Gym workouts Your need to project a certain cool image

Now, thinking of this main influence, write a 2000 word essay on this topic. Getting back to our hypothetical examples,
” The rock climber would write an essay about the influence of personality on consumer behaviour  they may particularly write about individual traits including that of thrill seeking.
” The footy fan would write an essay on the influence of family in consumer behaviour. They may even go into talking about rituals.
” The gym enthusiast would write an essay on the self-concept /self-image in consumer behaviour.

This is an academic piece of work and all material used must be referenced accordingly. Sections of your essay should include:
1. Introduction  this is where you state what your main influence was and therefore introduce the topic.
2. Body  the body of your essay should give a review of the literature on the chosen topic.
3. Conclusion  finish with giving some recommendations to marketers as to how they can use the knowledge you have gained from the literature to successfully market their goods in relation to your hobby/interest.
Journals that will provide good material for your assignment:

Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of Consumer Behaviour
Journal of Consumer Psychology
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
Journal of Consumer Marketing
Psychology & Marketing
Advances in Consumer Research
Journal of Marketing

Please Note:
Assignment due on 7th May,07.
” The introduction can be written in first person  the remainder of the essay must be written in 3rd person.
” You are expected to reference around 15  20 journal articles/texts (preferably journal articles) in your essay.
” Headings can be used in this essay  this always helps the marker follow the flow of the essay.
” You can use either APA or Harvard referencing style .