Onsumer Behaviour in the UK high street clothing sector

Consumer Behaviour


Given the business challenges of the last few years, companies must always look for new ways to retain customers and enhance the value experience brought to them. Marketing research is a vital part of this process.

Your Task

1. Assume that you are the marketing research manager of Marks & Spencer plc, the UKas leading retailer of clothes

a. construct a segmentation profile of the companyas first time customers and current customers. You could begin by defining who your Customers are-Individuals, Families, Institutions etc. Your profile should consider the following variables: Age, Gender, Income & Social Class, Reference Groups , Culture & Subculture. Also identify the optimum segments for promoting your products. Validate your suggestions with reference to recent academic and market research on consumer behaviour and retail in the UK. You should ensure that you discuss and apply a range of relevant models, concepts and theories in formulating new perceived opportunities under each of the above areas, as outlined in the course material around individual/household consumer behaviour. You should also ensure that you make your report relevant to the UK consumer retail sector, by carrying out independent research in this area as part of your assignment, using online library academic sources as well as reliable Internet sources. (80%)

b. Based on your knowledge of online buyer behaviour a provide guidance for M&Sas Director of IT for how the website should be designed to capture as much revenue as possible from each customer visit (20%)


Please be sure to completely research the company and provide references to both company data and academic theory.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this assignment you need to :

i ? Develop and demonstrate a critical appreciation of current consumer behaviour concepts.

i ? Develop and apply an in-depth understanding of the complexity of consumer psychology and its applications on decision-making processes.

i ? Integrate and critically apply consumer insights to practical situations in a
specific type of consumer organisation.

i ? Assess and demonstrate understanding of current developments in consumer behaviour, market environment and culture.

i ? Critically evaluate and apply consumer and customer management practices in organisations in different consumer external environments.

i ? Critically analyse and apply management theory around external influencing factors on consumer behaviour.

Harvard Referencing
The Harvard Referencing System must be used. The Wikipedia website must not be referenced in your work.