Onsumer Behaviour Market Analysis Report

Please Write the Essay with report formats with table of contents,introduction,exec summary and conclusion
and there should be a headings with a number in the section

Your report should answer the following question:

Choose a business and discuss how an understanding of external influences on consumer behaviour can assist businesses in general as well as your chosen business specifically. Include an analysis of the consumers that organisation serves

In your answer you should choose a company you have worked for (or admire and would like to work for) and use this as an illustrative working example throughout your report. You may choose a profit or not-for-profit organisation. Your report should focus on one external influence (i.e. demographics, lifestyles, group referencing, household or organisational buying, social class, culture, or consumerism).

This is a five step process

Step 1: Read the relevant chapters of your text book.

Step 2: Do some additional research on your focal business and find academic evidence to support your response / argument. You are expected to have at least 6 academic references for the assignment.

Step 3: Make a list of points that you want to discuss. These will form the basis of your headings within your report. Remember reports have a distinct style. You must use your focal charity to illustrate your claims (this will demonstrate a working understanding of the theory you are discussing). You can find more information about reports in the Interact resources.

Step 4: Create a reference list using APA 6th style (a short guide to APA referencing is provided in your resources folder on interact) and make sure all of the articles that you have cited in the report are included in the list.

Step 5: Submit the report.

Full Justify 1.5 line spacing with 12 point font

Use in text referencing and a reference list formatted using APA 6th referencing