Onsumer BehaviourBrand Analysis Report

I have a Group report about Brand Analysis, but Im only doing the Brand Overview of the company which is IKEA and one of theories which is Involvement Theory”. The group is required to choose a single brand which is IKEA Home Furniturewithin a product category which you can find and collect brand-related information (e.g. advertisements,news/business articles, websites). However my part of the Report is to write a Brand Overview Of IKEAabout 500 words. After careful analysis of the brandas current marketing communication, you must then describe the areas in which the use of Involvement Theorywhich is my 2nd part of the group report also you have to describe the and apply the Involvement Theoryand write a 500 words as well. The
key is to identify how the firm marketing the chosen brand are attempting to influence, modify or impact the consumersa behaviour using specific consumer behaviour theory. You must reinforce your discussion with clear evidence (i.e.scholarly articles) that supports, explains and critiques consumer behaviour theory within the brand information that you have collected.

Format of report:
1. Brand Overview of IKEA ”500 WordsA this should be a brief introduction about 500 words that details the background of the organisation, and the brand which you have chosen. Also Im sending you a link I hope you could use for this part:

2Identification of Involvement Theoryabout 500 wordsa this requires you to consider
some of the major impacts of consumer behaviour theory on the particular brand
which you have chosen IKEA”. You need to analyse what, how and why consumer
behaviour theories are relevant, and the results and benefits that the firms obtain
from using the consumer behaviour theories and concepts you have identified Involvement Theory”.

3. References a Scholarly marketing journals, periodicals, newspapers, annual reports and textbooks are required to provide theoretical and practical support in the report. Please do not contact any firms associated with the brand chosen, you are to use secondary resources only. Donat just describe, you must analyse, discuss and evaluate your ideas. Also I would like you to use the Text book were using for this course as It could help you for this assignment, Also the Lecture note that cover the Involvement TheoryMy second part of this assignment. Its better if you use it and use Australian references as I study in Australia and that would make it easy for me too.


Schiffman, L., OaCass, A., Paladino, A., DaAlessandro, S. and Bednall, D. 2011.
Consumer Behaviour, 5th Edition. Pearson Prentice Hall: Australia

Im going to upload the file for you which contain the Lecture note about Involvement Theory and the Course outline for the subject as you can check the assignment from there if would you like. But please make sure that going to be a high quality job with all the structure I mentioned as it worth a lot of grade and if you have any enquire about the assignment feel free to contact me at anytime.