Onsumer BehaviourIKEA Brand Analysis presentation

your presentation style as well as the groupas ability to manage class discussion. As part of your approach to this assessment do not rehash the facts of the case in your presentation. You must refer to appropriate academic articles from the literature to justify your selection of Involvement Theoryconsumer behaviour theory that apply and relate to the case. Therefore, at least 3 different academic sources (i.e. refereed journal articles), and at least 2 business periodicals should be used in your discussion and cited correctly within your presentation. Note that particular emphasis of the assessment is placed on facilitating a meaningful interactive discussion with the tutorial participants. Failure to generate such a discussion will be penalised.

Also im going to upload the file with all the materials you need, but i would like to add modules, and 2 discussion questions with the answers so I know how to answer it. In addition, I would like you to add some picture related to IKEA and involvement theory as thats my part of the presentation. The slides around 3 or 4 should be well organised and showen that the presentation high quality job. Also Im uploading the sources and information for this presentation and I would like you to use it, you going to find in a word document Involvement theorythats what im presenting about.

At the end if you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me at anytime.