Onsumer BehaviourRedbull Case Study questions

This individual assessment requires that you read and reflect upon the case study on Red Bull ( papers and lecture note attached with this order) and answer the three questions listed in the Redbull case study im uploading which relate to Consumer Behaviour. Your answers should be succinct and concise which focus on directly answering the case study questions using relevant consumer behavior theory. You must reinforce your answers with clear evidence (i.e. 1 scholarly article per question) in making your argument. This assessment is designed to advance your academic writing skills and your ability to synthesize marketing information and apply consumer behavior knowledge. The answers relate to topics covered in weeks 1 to 3 of the lecture notes and ill upload them as will. Maximum word count is 1000 words in total. Also for the first two question hope you answer them with 250 words each and the third question around 500 word.