Onsumer Decision-Making Process Exercise

Consumer Decision-Making Process Exercise
The purpose of this exercise is to have you apply the concepts of consumer behavior and consumer decision-making process to your own purchase behavior to develop a deeper understanding of these concepts.
Part 1: Major Purchase Decision
-Describe the decision-making process you went through for a major purchase (car, computer, stereo, camera, etc) your have made recently.
a? What did you purchase?
a? Where did you purchase this product?
a? What type of decision-making process did you go through for this purchase? Briefly explain why you used this type of decision-making.
-Describe how each of the following factors influenced your purchase decision:
a? Groups
a? Personal/Environment
a? Psychological factors
a? Marketing variables
--Describe what happened during each stage of the decision-making process
a? Problem recognition a How did the need arise? How long did problem recognition process take?
a? Information Search
o Internal Search
i § Previous experience in purchasing this product.
i § Evoked set of brands
i § Inept set of brands a why?
o External Search
i § What sources of information did you use in your search?
i § What type of information did you seek?
i § What was the value of this information?
a? Alternative Evaluation
o What choice criteria did you use?
o How did you use this criteria to compare various alternatives
a? Purchase decision
o Explain why you used the mode of purchase that you did.
o How many places did you search? Why?
o Which brand did you buy? Why?
a? Post-Purchase decisions
o Were you satisfied with you purchase? Why?
o What other decisions, if any, did you make related to this purchase?
Part 2: Minor purchase decision
Use the same process as above for a minor purchase, such as beer, candy bar, soda, etc., that you have made recently.

Part 3: Marketingas role in the purchase process.
Using you two purchases as a basis of comparison, discuss how the role of the marketer differs between these two types of decision-making processes a that is, what must the marketer put emphasis on for each type of purchase.