Chapter 1 Introduction
Topic clearly stated; background information; definitions of all special and general terms; a clear overall purpose including aim, objectives and research questions or hypotheses; brief description of the contents of the remaining chapters of the dissertation.
Chapter 2 Literature Review
Thorough and critical investigation of relevant current sources, outlining, comparing and discussing key ideas, explanations, concepts, theories and models associated with your chosen topic.
Chapter 3 Methodology
This chapter describes and assesses the approach you have taken to the data collection process. The chapter is likely to be sub-divided into three sub-sections.
The first sub-section will refer to the theory of research and present a clear rationale for methodology. this will discuss advantages and disadvantages of possible methods and explanation of why you have chosen your particular methods and discounted the others.
The second section should explicitly describe what you actually did and any issues related sampling theory.
The third section will be critique of the success, or otherwise. The technical names are reliability and validity. The suggestions for improving the research should it be done again.
This chapter should be written in the past tense as it refers to what you could have do; what you did, and your assessment of hat you did.
Chapter 4 Analysis and Discussion of Findings
This chapter discusses what has been found through any primary data:
1. Analysis of results. Details of analysis should be shown in the appendices.
2. Discussion of the results of the analysis. Present discussion clearly and logically and it should be relevant to aim, objectives and research questions/hypotheses.
3. Make sure that all relates to the findings of primary research to literature review. Do this in comparison: discussing similarities and particularly differences. if findings confirmed some literature findings say so and say why.
Chapter 5 Conclusion
State the main conclusion of your dissertation. State explicitly how and to what extent aim, adjectives and answered the research questions or proved/disproved hypotheses have been met.
Conclusion should follow logically from findings and not contain any new material.
Length of each chapter
Chapter 1 1400
Chapter 2 4000
Chapter 3 1300
Chapter 4 1400
Chapter 5 900 approx. 10000