Onsumer Price Inflation And Exchange Rate Pass-Through In Jamaica

Paper about Consumer Price Inflation and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Jamaica
The paper should be 12 pages not including the title page, abstract, bibliography, and appendices. The paper should be broken down into sections with each section clearly titled.The format should look something like this:
i??Cite each source both on reference page and in paper.
i??Use active voice and Avoid using passive voice
i?? Title Page
i?? Abstract i?? A brief paragraph, single-spaced. The abstract should state your thesis and summarize your entire paper.
i??Introduction/Thesis statement i??Make sure to directly introduce the different sections of the body of the paper, i.e. the first section of the report introducesi?? the second section of the report coversi?? etc.
i??Body i?? Support the thesis. Break the body into 2 i?? 4 sections and have each section written like chapters that could stand alone on their own. Make sure that each section has an opening paragraph that guides the entire section and that each section finishes with a transition in the next section. Also, make sure that each paragraph in your paper also begins with an opening sentence and that each sentence in the paragraph directly relates to that opening sentence. Finish each paragraph with a transition into the next.
i??Conclusion/Call to Action i??Restate the thesis statement and restate each of the main points of the body of your paper, i.e. section one stated thati??. section two proved thati??. etc. You may conclude your paper with a call to action on what should be done or where more research should be done.