This is an preliminary question for consumer protection. So, attached will be the question for the exam on 22nd May bt not the exact question…it will be similar.

All i need for the answer will be :
1)40% of the answer is on SOGA
2)Another part shld be on Trade Description Act
3)One part on Consumer Credit Act
4)Remedies, Misleading Prices

So, all this area need to be covered with the given question.

i dt need footnotes for this answer, but i need cases to support my answer.Its should be an written exam answer.

Its a 3 hours exam…n i shld have that much to write.

Maybe the given question, do not covered all the issues, bt i need a answer…or some notes written together wt the answer to use it for my exam.
Please pass this assignment to writer no. 1292, Hala. I wan her to be assigned as my writer to do my work.

I do not wish any other writer except for her.