Onsumer Purchasing and the Rehabilitation Industry; How does branding effect decision-making?

The statement below is taken from the University Masters Dissertation handbook.

Reviewing the literature will infomr the nature of the research question and objectives. You are encouraged to use the various electronic search facilities, journal articles, and classic texts to identify and understand well-established and more recent thinking in the area.

A critical evaluation of the literature in your chosen field of study must be undertaken to produce a clear and logical argument that informs and refletcs on your research questions and objectives. During this process you are required to identify the appropriate theories, models and conceptual ideas. Your literature search should be both systematic, thorough and up to date and include all aspects of your question. Please remember to record the information you find during the search, this should include the FULL reference, i.e. author, year, article title, journal title, dates, volume/issue, publisher, publication loaction. You should also make a note of the page numbers of any quotations you record
The literature review must include recent Journals/magasines as well as the normal literature. Please also supply a full bibliography for at least 80 sources.