Onsumer Value added by Smartphone Applications / Benefits of recent technological innovations

I need a paper concerning the (increasing) relevance of location based services and if/in which way users could benefit from using them. More general spoken it is about applications for smartphones and if the add any value to customers.

It should be divided into
1. an introduction (includinng a problem definiotin or research questions) 10%
2. a theoretical part (50%) which should define what apps are, which role they play nowadayas. For clarification different types of innovation could be described and if/which role they play for competitiveness of small enterprises .It should include the ideas of location based product and service exchange, since this is one of the (my) main points of interest. Some introducing definitions could help a lot for understanding the paper.
3. A practical part (40%) which answers the research questions and provides links to previous fidings from the theoretical part.

As sources please try to focus on academic journals instead of websites, Ill provide some good papers which could/should be cited at some points. However, feel free to include thoughts of several additional papers.