Onsumerism and the loss of identity in the Middle East (Dubai and Doha)

Consumption pattern in the Middle East (Doha) and its affects of Woman and identity

Im a qatari student and i want to focus this paper on how consumption is on of the reason people are loosing their traditional identity and start defining themeselves by the things they buy. I have already written a previous paper on consumption in the US and the American dream, however this time i want to focus it on the middle east. I believe that people here especially after the exportation of oil have started to consume so much. It has become a way of life. and it has affected the Qatari/ Gulf woman more as they dont have much to do outside the household. I will be sending you the paper i wrote along with another paper i wrote about the Qatari Woman so that you could use them.

This is for a class called Globalization and geopolitics of the Middle East. And i will be sending you more information and article along the way. Can you please send me a plan or atleast the first five pages before you start to make sure its going in the right direction.

Make sure that everything is footnoted and cited. I have found plagiarism previously in one of my other papers and gotten in trouble for it. so can you please make sure everything is cited correctly.

Here are some of the research that i found that i suggest you use:

The unraveling fabric of stories

Consumption patterns among Qataris (Peninsula)

Books :
Consumer Culture and Modernity (Don Slater)
The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf
Consumption Robert Bocock
Popular Culture in the Arab World Andrew Hammond
consumed Benjamin Barber

Another great source is looking at youtube videos onthe topic

I am really interested in this topic and am hoping that you do a great job on it .