Onsumers attitudes and behaviour towards responsible tourism.

This research project proposed to explore on consumeras behaviour and attitudes in relation to the responsible tourism. In particular focus on individuals, and individual moral responsibility and responses. Understanding the motivation and determining factors that takes them to behaviour and influences the way consumers will relate themselves in a specific destination visited (environment). Ascertain what changes in consumer profile of tourism towards the responsible tourism (sustainable tourism) can generate from this new market. Examines the interplay between reasons for touristsa choice of destination, and motivations, and how their interaction is enabled and constrained by social and cultural influences (e.g., culture, national/ethnic, and gender). Such a study should identifying possible gaps that may explain current failures to stimulate responsible touristsa choices and awareness-raising tools to facilitate the shift towards responsible tourist behaviour and actions.

AIM of the study:
To identify the main factors that can influence consumer behaviour in tourism, as well as the potential influence that these factors may play on the responsible tourism.

OBEJECTIVES of the study:
1.To analyse touristas perceptions and attitudes towards environmentally friendly travel and responsible tourism.
2.To explain all the elements (internal and external) that motivates the consumer, distinguishing the way these elements operating on the decision making.
3.To identify the characteristics of responsible tourist.
4.To examine the changes in consumer behaviour in relation to responsible tourism.
5.To identify possible gaps that may explain current failures to stimulate responsible tourism (sustainable tourism).