Onsumer?s Behaviour impact on e-commerce online shopping

I will provide more details through email and by phone as it is easier to explain with this method, but my 20,000 dissertation for my Masters MA will be based on looking at the way the consumer has an impact on online shoppping. Thats the general side of it. But I want it to consentrate on the multi-cultural aspect of using ebay as an example company (having about 30% of dissertation based on ebay on company perspective and the 70% on general consumer and culture theory) comparing ebay UK to ebay US and comparing the two countries culturally also to see the differences in consumer behaviour and patterns. More specifically I want the dissertation to look at the issue of trust and risk that ebay has as an online markerplcae of buying. The amount of pages I am specifying of 42 is approx. ten thousand seven hundered and fifty of the (10750) of the twenty thousand dissertation (20,000). This is due to the fact that I want half of it completed in which I will carry on. This is including as I am aware the Introduction and then the literature review. So something in the lines of 2000 for Introduction and then 6000 words for literature review should be okay. Then another 2750 words getting into the analysis of explaining all this. This can be discussed further also, I am open to furthe suggestion.

NOTE: it is important for me to get in contact by email, but I think calling will be a better way as you can explain a whole lot more with the person writing this as I can explain more thoroughly the expert who will know about this field more all the details. Especially with the stage/level the dissertation will be completed at.