Onsumers Reaction on Product Imitators and The Role of Brand Loyalty the case of Apple and Samsung

Using the template you will need to submit a Research Proposal of up to 2,000 words. The Research Proposal is your opportunity to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of a business related topic of your choice, and business research methods.
You are only asked to propose a research study. Your research proposal will include an explanation of your research question, how you propose to explore it, the research methods you propose to use, and a number of other important research related considerations.
1. Title
It is need to write a statement which reflects the content of the proposal.
2. Research Questions
Research is about questions i?? you need to present 2 closely related questions that help you investigate an academic problem worthy of research.
1) What are the factors and elements that define brand loyalty?
2) To what extend product copycats impact on consumer choices?

3.Literature Review
Provide a literature review that is relevant to your research idea
Identify the main theoretical concepts (in your chosen topic area)
Cover a range of academic sources (including recently published studies)
It is required to use the review to present an argument for your own research
Please note: Citing just 3 sources from the Internet is not a literature review i?? you need to read and reference academic texts and journals. As a guide, aim for a minimum of 15 different academic sources.

4.Methodology / Methods / Sample (The method I have chosen is propositions for future research)
our methodology should outline your overall approach and philosophical stance you will adopt (i.e. positivist or interpretivist?) and say why you have taken this approach.
Provide an overall introduction to the type of research you propose. Read about the differences between intrepretvist and positivist approaches to research, and comment (if possible) on whether you feel your proposed research is more intrepretvist or positivist. Is your research more inductive or deductive?
Research Methods: How do you propose to do your research, and why?
You should also describe the method(s) by which you are going to gather the data, and any potential problems (e.g. reliability?) with your selected method(s). Use research methods texts and explain why you are going to use the method(s) in relation to your research questions. Your research proposal will need to propose primary data collection.

5. Timescale (7-10 mouths)


It is need to fully reference throughout the work; both in-text and bibliographic references need to be in the Harvard APA style (5th or 6th Edition). Work lacking academic sources will be penalised (see the University grade criteria).The research proposal must be analytical rather than purely descriptive or narrative.

P.S I am doing Business Research Project which is not required using primary data for future.