Ont of previous assignment:Critical Appraisal Assignment

The Critical Appraisal Assignment

The preveious paper is attached

Critically appraise the evidence you have found using the Melnyk Critical appraisal tool.
The Melnyk Critical appraisal tool is also in an attached word doc.

Use that evidence rating schema to determine your level of evidence.
Do not use the US Preventive Task Force s rating system. (10%)

Pick the 5 articles (minimum) from your search that best answer your question. You will be considering the quality of your evidence, the quantity of evidence and the consistency of the sources. (20%)

Next, critically appraise those five articles.
Are they valid? reliable?
Do they answer your question? How?
Use each of the headings in the tool you have chosen to use and answer the questions in the tool.
Save the completed tool. Repeat this process for each of your five articles. Include the completed appraisal forms in your paper. (20%)

Rate the chosen articles of evidence in terms of strength of recommendation/ level of evidence. Examples are included 20%)
The rating tool is also attached in a word doc.

The feedback from the first paper was favorable with a grade of 94. The following comment was made:
I caution you however in the selection of your databases. Some of them are not peer-reviewed and the articles offered, the same. Your information will not be the quality in the end that you are searching for... Use the Best evidence, not just evidence.

Everything was very good and, again, I thank you very much.