Ont Results chapter (User Generated Content in dominican Republic)

Dear Naeem,

Finally my teacher gave me the feedback for this chapter. I was nice however, there are some corrections. Since we have “400participant he has asked to put more information not only what it is. Since you have mentioned the spss software which the school has. There could be more analysis of it like their age, sex, etc.. and what this could possibly mean. He said that since we have 400 participant more should be done. Please use more graphs, table explain those graphs and table. More can really be done in the results. I will post the corrections of the teacher. Please have a look at them, use the same references, however you might add some more since we are adding more analysis to it. Please use graphs, statistics, tables, etc… explain them very well. As you suggestes the spss software there is more to interpret and analyze the data since there are 400 participants. I kind of need it with urgency. Thank you in Advance

Kind Regards
Edgard Gonzalez