Ontact Points for Jones Synergy Energy Drink Campaign & Conclusion

Hi there,
First of all, just to let you know that this assignment is not actually an essay ....its more like a term business plan project from my marketing class(New Product/Service Development)

As you read the attached reference file doc. JONES SYNERGY ENERGY DRINK NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PLAN, I would like to have your help with the followings:

1) Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Event Marketing: under the headline Jones Synergy Energy Squad, Id like you to add more pros & cons of using the Event Marketing(in point form) as Ive already typed up a few.....and highlighted them in yellow(pg.14)

2) Conclusion (in paragraphs): after reading the attached file, tie it all together ensure reader of benefits of following your strategy to the long-term success of the organization,
-Contingency Plan: what if works too well / not well enough