Ontemp. therapeutic relationship, alliance, self

1. Introduction

Select the current literature in the areas of therapeutic relationship, OR therapeutic alliance, OR therapeutic self, (alternatively a combination of 2 or 3 topics) and describe their importance in the field of health, and why they are relevant to your chosen profession generally and to you specifically as a professional practitioner.

2. Literature Review

Conduct a literature review on these issues in relation to your own practice as a nurse in the area of mental health. We acknowledge that there may be those of you who work in other areas, however the therapeutic relationship has value in all areas of nursing. It will be necessary for you to read widely and in depth, in order to meet such criteria, a pass paper would have a minimum of 5 papers per 1000 words, however more would be expected at this level..

3. Critical analysis

Critically analyse the issues regarding:

The counselling role of the nurse:
Theoretical perspectives in counselling
The application of the theoretical perspectives to the individual needs of the health consumer
The analysis should be structured within an academic assignment which includes an Introduction, Subheadings decided upon by the student if required: if the opening sentence to e a Conclusion Section and a Reference Section.

This assessment item has been included to cover all learning objectives as follows:

describe the role of the nurse as a counsellor;
explain and analyse the various theoretical perspectives in counselling;
apply and translate the theoretical principles of counselling theory to meet the individual needs of your client;
use of systematic approach during counselling sessions in order to use it as the basis for therapeutic communication;
identify, discuss and critically comment upon some of the major counselling techniques used to enhance therapeutic counselling/communication skills; and
have an understanding of the ethical and professional issues inherent in the practices of counselling.
Marking criteria
Marking criteria

1. Literature review:

Explores the literature on therapeutic relationship OR therapeutic alliance OR therapeutic self (or a combination) in the field of health:

Describes the importance in the field of health 10%

Explores the relevance to your chosen profession generally, and 10%

To you as a professional practitioner 10%

2. Critical analysis 20%

Thoughtful analysis is evident to reflect an understanding of the discussion?

There is evidence of independent thinking?

The arguments and rationale provided are sound?

3. Presentation: mark will be deducted for poor presentation

Terminology: key terms have been defined, they are used in proper context.

Logic: the content/discussion is developed logically with a logical flow from one idea to another?

Format: is logically structured, incorporating an introduction, body and conclusion?

Writing style: is lucid and to the point with evidence of correct sentence structure and grammar?

Word limit: remains within 10% of the word limit.

Source of information: Acknowledge books, journals and all other sources which have provided you with quotations or ideas for the assignment. Read widely, usually a minimum of 5 articles per 1000 words

Referencing style: APA style see CSU referencing guide


Presentation: double-space typing, using one side of the paper only and leaving a generous margin to provide room for comments and feedback. Be sure to proof-read your work before submitting, as excessive mistakes detract from its impact. Introduction and conclusion takes up 10-15% of the total word limit.