Ontempary issues in change management Major Assignment

Want your absolute best writer in your organization (Ultra premium writer) to focus on this Major assignment which is weighted very heavily (50% of total assessment). The writer must be an expert in writing on change management. The main document is the assessment question.. please read carefully.

It is a difficult assignment because it needs to relate the organizations I work for to the assessment question. However, I think I have provided you with ample organization for you to be able to relate the organization I work for with a relaevant response.

Please treat all documents as strictly confidential, particularly the Study Guide. After this response is completed, please delete all documents from posted area. Please follow the study guide closely, as a lot of the response, need to be based on this content (but please do not use the Study guide as academic referencing. I ve included all the weekly questions responded for each fortnitely topic, which gives you more of a insight into the company I work for, Corporate Express Australia (CEA).
Basically Corporate Express is a very diverse company with many lines of business.

For more information on the company, annual reports,etc etc please go to the website, au.

As You can see from the weekly responses, I am a Business Development Manager, and work in the IT Solutions Business Division of Corporate Express. I ve attached a PowerPoint 2006 Strategy Document which provides a bit of A Swot Analysis and Insight into IT Solutions Business Unit here in South Australia. But there is also ample information on all Lines of Business on the Website. I ve also included, some Change Management Documents, which have been created by the company Corporate Express . these can be used as a guideline, but note they are very generic so you will need to be a lot more specific with the response.

Whilst I would like some of the focus to be on the division I work for, I would also like you to focus on the business as a whole as I think that is crucial.. Once again, I think the documents attached and the website will provide an insight into the vision, culture , strategy , systems and processes of the organization, and the competitive nature of the industry. Whilst Im happy for you to provide an complementary response, Im also happy for you to be critical in areas where you feel the company could benefit from change.. Business Improvement initiaves are crucial.

Hope the information I have provided is adequate. Let me know if you need any further information.

One final thing.. please use the harvard referencing system appropriately.. Writer 2801 has been good with this. Whilst 2801 is the prefeered writer, if there issomeone much better in change management, please use that writer. I want the best.