Ontemplative Essay / Research Essay Proposal

This order has two parts:
1) a contemplative essay 3 pages (please note that order (301484) had included a contermplative essay but I used it as a Pursuasive(Argumentative) essay, so I will need another contemplative essay.
When writing the contemplative essay please keep in mind the following:
Gereneraly, contemplative essays follow one of two forms:
a) something dramatic happens , which causes one to reflect on the meaning or significance of the moment.
b) one mediates on some abstract concept, such as friendship, and recalls how it has particularly manifested itself in ones life.

By the end of a contemplative essay, we should feel like we know more of the writer.

2) Research Essay Proposal 2 pages.( 300 words, plus 200 words for the summaries). Write a proposal for the following research essay. The proposal should explain what your topic will be . Describe as well the outline of the essay as you thus far conceive it to be. In addition, explain how your research sources will contribute to the essays goalss. You may find it useful to list two or three questions that you hope to answer in the course of writing the essay. Along with the research proposal, you must include a Works cited page with two sources of information. If you reference one of the texts from The Broadview Anthology of Expository Prose, include that text in the works cited as well (but do not summarize it.) For each information source, provide a 75 100 word summary of its content. Do not include the citations in the word count for the summaries.

The actual assignment topic (which I will request after I receive the Proposal) is 5 pages.
The editors for The Broadview Anthology assert that Harriss article was Controversial(546) In what way was i controversial? How did other researchers in her field react to the article? Has Harriss conclusion been accepted or is it under debate even now?

Please find article attached to this order.
If you have any questions please let me know?
Thanks alot.