Ontemporary American Indian Issues In Historical Perspective

Research Paper Topic: Alcoholism among Native Americans (American Indians). Remember this class is on contemporary issues...
Your thesis must be backed by historical evidence. The research paper will need to be 8-10pages.

You must also include outline 2 pages
The Outline Format:

Include your argument, why is it significant, and why does the professor want to read it?
3.Methodology (Secondary Sources) how do you intend on going about your research? What information are you getting out of these sources?
4.List your Sources(Primary Sources)

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything. I have some articles and I have created a bibliography that you can use along with your own sources. The outline is due before the actual paper& so if you like you can send that first, and then have more time on the actual paper. Just let me know.
Thank you.