Ontemporary Approaches To Marketing Research: Assignment 1;A Research Proposal

I think you could have clarified your aim more, and considered something even more exploratory than you did  as your current aim(s) suggest you already believe that there is some issue with service quality. While that may be true, it may not mean that either a) poor service is having a negative effect on sales / profitability, or, b) that improving service quality would also improve sales / profitability.

I have included a range of comments throughout your work, my overall comment would be that you could have simplified this even further, especially at the outset when considering your aim and type of research that would best meet this aim. This may have allowed you to have gained a higher mark overall.

Part 2 of your work was more descriptive than critically analytical. I have not made specific comments on this section of your work. This is mainly because you have justified the choices made in the report. My main criticisms are therefore not with your commentary, but on the choices you have made in part 1.”

The work should edited based on the above comments by my profshowing the weakness of the assignment and if theres any necessary information ill be ready to furnish same. Importantly, this work is a marketing assighment for Masters level and should please be treated as such Thanks for co-operation.