Ontemporary Brand Management report on (Rolex the luxury watches brand)

Please see uploaded item aswel as below instruction:

a? Define a brand and differentiate it from a company, product or commodity, and identify the characteristics of successful brands.
a? Critically analyse and apply a range of theoretical concepts used to analyse a brand.
a? Evaluate consumer relationships with brands.
a? Appreciate the brand management role within organisations.

The Assignment Brief
Produce an individually written report of between 3,000 and 4,000 words that adheres to all of the requirements of this assignment brief. The word count does not include bibliography and appendices.

Section 1. The Brand (suggest approx. 10% of word count)
– Evidence your understanding of what is a brand, and how it differs from a company, product/service or commodity, with reference to academic theories and to your chosen brand.
– Provide concise and succinct background information on your chosen brand in order to put the rest of your report in context. To do this, you may find it relevant to briefly discuss your chosen brandas market sector, major competitors, target market and/or brand architecture strategy.

Section 2. Brand Positioning (suggest approx. 20% of word count)
– Critically analyse the theoretical concept of brand positioning and discuss its relevance to the concept of branding using referenced academic sources.
– Write a brand positioning statement for your chosen brand, and explain your reasons for your chosen positioning focus.
– Compare and contrast your chosen brandas positioning with that of at least one of its major competitors.

Section 3. Brand analysis (suggest approx. 40% of word count)
– Using referenced academic sources, critically analyse a range of theoretical concepts that can be used to analyse consumer and other stakeholder perceptions of a brand, and then apply those concepts to your chosen brand. Concepts you may choose to critically analyse include, but are not limited to, brand identity, brand image, brand associations and brand personality. Your focus should be those concepts that are most relevant to the particular brand you are analysing.
– Develop a brand pyramid for your chosen brand.
– Use primary research to underpin the analysis of your chosen brand throughout Section 3. This should be small-scale qualitative research designed to provide insight into the perceptions of relevant consumers.

Section 4. Special Interest (suggest approx. 20% of word count)
– Choose ONE of the following special interest areas. Critically analyse relevant theoretical concepts, and use those theoretical concepts to evaluate your chosen brand:
a) Celebrity endorsement b) Advertising (traditional media)
c) On-line/new media promotion d) Retail environment
e) Services branding f) Corporate branding
g) Global branding h) Ethics and branding
i) Sponsorship

Section 5. Brand Management Recommendation (suggest approx. 10% of word count)
– Imagine that you have been asked, by the current brand management team for your chosen brand, to come up with one idea that will enhance the brandas consumer image. Discuss your idea and use relevant theory to justify its use in future brand activity.

Writing, presentation and referencing
– Your assignment should be well structured into sections and paragraphs, with clear use of section headings and subheadings. A report format should be followed, with new sections beginning on a new page. There should be a contents page, and pages should be clearly numbered.
– Your assignment should be well written, and presented to a professional standard.
– All citations within the text of your report and all references listed in your bibliography must be formatted in correct Harvard Referencing style.

Please see attached for futher instructions