Ontemporary Business Issues .. ASSESSMENT Individual report (40%, 1600 words).

ASSESSMENT Individual report (40%, 1600 words).
A business report can serve several purposes:
a? It reviews the current or prevailing situation (the business/ environment/context);
a? It identifies the key issues a these may be challenges or opportunities that face the business/organisation/sector;
a? It explores the different perspectives and influences of these themes on a business and,
a? Concludes by recommending a course of action (next steps).

For this assessment, you are required to produce a report that answers one of the two set questions below. The focus of your research must be on a specifically identified business or business sector.
For example, you might chose to focus on the
a? Retail sector (food or clothing), or
a? Public Sector (NHS potentially), or
a? Finance/Banking sector.

Alternatively, you could choose a sector or business that interests you and/or is relevant to your degree pathway in Business.

Research the trends and practices of your chosen sector and produce a report that addresses the issues raised in your chosen question, providing statistics, evidence and examples to support your arguments. Conclude with a summary of your findings, and recommend a course of action that may be taken as a result of these findings.

You may choose:

1a9 What are the ethical issues (internal and external) facing organisations in xxx sector and how are they being addressed?
Identify and evaluate current ethical practices in an organisation/sector of your choice, (one of the sectors suggested above). Explore how/why these practices arose and conclude your report with a recommendation of a minimum of three additional ethical practices the organisation could implement.


2a9 Trends in Boardroom pay a what should the pay ratio be between the top executives and the lowest paid in an organisation?
Identify key recent trends in Boardroom pay in an organisation/sector of your choice (one of the sectors suggested above). Explore the arguments from a variety of perspectives a for example, the employee, the employer, the Trade Union (from a business management perspective).

The emphasis for this report is to demonstrate the ability to identify key issues, research the implications for organisations and translate this into an operational perspective.
Guidance is given below as to the structure you should follow.
Students should also review assessment criteria (on Blackboard) to help establish good academic techniques.
References should appear in a bibliography at the end. You should aim to draw on a variety of sources to provide statistics and examples to support your discussion and include reference to business concepts or frameworks. For effective referencing of these sources, please open the a?referencinga tab in Blackboard.

Submission Date:a9 Monday 1st Dec 2014 (midnight)
Return Date: a9 Wednesday 7th January 2015a9

The report is to be submitted electronically through Turnitin a there is a dropbox in the Contemporary Business Issues Blackboard assessment folder.

There is NO requirement for a paper copy to be submitted.
To enable effective archiving, you should name your Document: a9

CBS1report2014your name

Suggested Report Structure
1. Assignment cover page found on Blackboard a Student admin a cover sheet folder.
2. Report Title (given)
3. Introduction a Overview of the current situation, include pertinent statistics to set the context, definitions of key terms and an introduction to the themes that will be covered. This section can have subheadings to indicate/signpost the sections that will be covered. a9 (Around 200 words)
4. Main section or body of the report a This section should have your own heading that clearly lets the reader know what you intend to discuss and can have subheadings to help distinguish the different areas you are discussing. The main body of the report allows the issues to be explored more fully and analytically. Examples drawn from the industry, statistics, reference to frameworks and concepts would all be appropriate here. a9 (Around 900 words).
5. Conclusion a Summarises the key points in your report to act as a focus for your recommendations section.
(Around 200 words).

6. Make Recommendations what might the priorities be now? And why?
(Around 200 words).

7. Bibliography -Remember to include a bibliography of sources.
8. Appendices You might include an appendix a graphs, news picture/headline.

These sections need to be ONE document for Turnitin. NB the Bibliography and appendices are outside the word count, as are charts and tables that you might include within the document.

Business Management Skills incorporated in this assignment:
a? Information gathering and research a finding reliable and credible information, making sense of it and applying it to the industry.
a? Following guidelines to produce an effective report which informs and suggests a course of operational action.

Also refer to Harvard referencing system information and the assessment criteria, against which your report will be marked. (In the CBI Blackboard assessment folder area).