Ontemporary challenges facing nurses in the provision for older adults in Australia

Assessment Item 4
Length: 1500 words : Essay
Weighting: 55%
Due: Monday, 13th September, 2010 (Week 8) at 1300 hours.
In the light of the following statement, identify and investigate one contemporary challenge facing nurses in service provision for older adults in Australia. These challenges may have been further highlighted in the media but must be discussed in reference to current research using the nursing and health literature.
In a Royal College of Nursing Australia (RCNA, 2009) media release New RCNA faculty to focus on healthy ageing, Ms Debra Cerasa (Chief Executive Officer, RCNA) proclaimed in part a¦
Healthy ageing can be a really positive process if itas underpinned by good health and lifestyle principles and preventative measures. Nurses play a key role in aged care service provision across the spectrum of the national health care system. They are the health care professionals who currently spend the most time with elderly clients across the spectrum of health care services (03-Sep-2009).
Criteria ( to be read in conjunction with marking criteria)
In writing your response you will:
1. Identify and investigate one of the many contemporary challenges for nurses in service provision for older adults in Australia
2. Discuss your identified challenge for nurses in relation to future practice
3. Review the current nursing and health literature from 2005 onwards to support
your discussion (including government initiatives).
Assessment purpose:
For the student to:
1. gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing nurses in aged care service
provision within the acute and community settings
2. continue to develop scholarly information technology and written communication skills tin order to work towards achievement of the UWS Graduate competencies.