Ontemporary Christian Thinkers Put the Christian Story to Work

Do we know where our food comes from?
Eating in ignorance
by Norman Wirzba
The paper is about this article
This is an essay of about 3-4 pages (donat worry if you write more, but youall need 3 pages at least). It should have a title that tells your reader what itas about.
You have three tasks here:
1. to describe what the author is saying,
2. to identify where you see the Christian story at work, and
3. to respond to the authoras ideas. You donat have to respond to everything the author is saying. You might choose to focus on just one point or a few things that are interesting to you
Here a?s what I would like to see you do for each of these tasks:
1. What points is the author making? What does he/she most urgently want you to know?
2. What parts of the Christian story (from Creation through resurrection) does the author use to make sense of the problems or situations theyare trying to shed light on? Some of the authors are explicit (for example, Jean Vanier tells us whatas most important for him about Jesus), but some of them are more implicit. In Wendel Berryas poem, thereas not much explicit talk about Christianity except for a?love the Lorda? and a? practice resurrection,a? but the entire poem offers an alternative on how to survive in a world where everything is measurable and for salea a perspective that comes from what weave called a?the kingdom of God.a?
3. Respond to the authoras ideas. You might agree or disagree with some or all of them. You might respond on a variety of levels to some particular point. You might report about how the authoras observations support, confirm, challenge, or make you think differently about their ideas or some experience that youave had to which the article speaks. The conclusion is your opportunity to weigh in on or expand on the subject matter.
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