Ontemporary Communication Technologies Impact on Economic Development

Topics for Term Paper

Term paper: 25% (*Nov 29th * a submit to Turnitin.com by 12:00 pm (noon) using your tutorial class ID. You must also submit a paper copy of the identical paper to your TA in the tutorial for Nov 29th. Your TA will provide the Class ID and password.
NOTE WELL: The deadline from which you will be penalized for late submission is 12:00 NOON on Nov 29th to Turnitin.com.
This is an individual assignment a you should not work with another person(s) to complete this term paper. In addition to consulting the course readings, you should also review the additional reference material is available on the class Blackboard site, as well as additional sources that you find and identify in the reference section of the paper.
Choose ONE of the following topics for your paper:
a) As contemporary communication technologies emerge the legal system has come under pressure as existing laws and practices appear not to fit the new digital environment. Select 2 contemporary communication technologies and discuss the legal issues that have arisen. Using a critical analytical approach account for the social, political, economic and/or cultural concerns relevant to the examples, and provide your views on the examples informed by peer reviewed and other sources.

b) Read the following article published in The Guardian on October 1st, 2012 entitled a?Why are so few women working in technologya?, seeso-few-women-working-technology?newsfeedtrue. Critically analyse this article, provide alternative perspectives, and use concepts and core ideas from the course to discuss the social, cultural, and economic consequences of this article in an age of new media?

c) Contemporary communication technologies are sometimes used in developing countries to Leap frogtheir economic and social development. Choose a specific country and critically discuss the use of one specific new media/communication technology that is considered to be improving economic conditions in that country. Consider alternative viewpoints and conclude with your opinion informed by peer reviewed and other sources.

The paper is a total of 5pages in length, double-spaced (approximately 1,380 words), and must contain the following headings (you should add sub-headings as appropriate):
Formatting Guidelines for Term Paper

For the Term Paper the following guidelines apply for the formatting of the written work. While I am not especially concerned about style, I do not enjoy wading through a variety of fancifully organized, over-decorated exercises in amateur typesetting. Hence the following simple guidelines:

The paper shall comprise the following divisions:

(a) Title Page, containing

Centred, each on its own line, in upper half of page

a?CCT 109, Tutorial section XYZ, Summer 2012a?; Title; Date

Flush left, each on its own line, in lower half of page

Name (Surname, Given Names); email Address, Student Number

(b) Introduction

(c) Body

(d) Conclusion

(e) Endnotes (if any; use endnotes rather than footnotes for a?peripherala? commentary)

(f) References ( APA 6th edition format).

Note that the expected page count for papers applies to the pages comprising the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion sections (b), (c), and (d), but does not include Title page, Endnotes, and Reference a i.e. sections (a), (e) and (f).

a? Use Arial 10pt type at double line spacing throughout; you may use bold, italic and underline as needed.
a? Pages are to have 1a? margins all around; each page is to be numbered, a?Page m of na?, at lower right.

a? Headings are to be flush left and outline numbered (e.g. 1, 1.1, 1.1.1), without a blank line following.

a? Each paragraph is to be followed by a blank line.

a? Figures & tables are each to be numbered sequentially (e.g. Fig 1, Table 1) and captioned at the top.

a? Use APA 6th edition style for references.

a? The majority of references should be scholarly or, at minimum, peer-reviewed. The use of newspaper articles, online blogs, etc. as citations should be minimized.