Ontemporary Debates in Food and Farming

I have been asked to write a fieldtrip report.
The report should not be more than 2000 words in length.
This report will use information gathered during the field day in London visiting the ALLENS GARDENS in Bethune Road in Stoke Newington in hackney this is one of the growing sites of growing communities in urban agriculture.

And also will use information gathered from Spitalfield Community farm in Bethnal green station.
The question is:
To what extent do you think that urban food production can solve the challenges facing the global food system? Illustrate your answer using examples from the London fieldtrip.
I have been asked only to consternate on my report in urban agriculture in the global north.
These are also useful websites.
Growing Communities http//growingcommunities.org/market
Spitafeild City Farm a6.php

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Useful websites:
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hi when I went to the field trip I have learn that in ALLENS GARDEN in Bethune Road London N16 5BD that this garden is self-sufficient it promotes the local food its also non profit organisation the land is own hackney council.
They grow a lot of variety of salads their is a urban agriculture relationship between the community and the local residents they also do a lot of education for the community plus more is all in the website.

The other site we visited was SPITALFIELDS CITY FARM in Bethnal Green this farm was all about giving back to the community in terms of educating the locals about farming and giving the community affordable vegetables its also sharing ownership for the community space more information are on the website

This report is part of the fieldtrip and other part is urban agriculture in the global

Ontemporary Debates in Food and Farming

It should not be more than 2500 words in length and Please pay attention to the structure of your work. You should have a clear introduction and conclusion. Use sub-headings if this will help. Make sure that your essay has a clear argument in relation to the question. Label all Figures clearly.
Choose ONE of the following questions ONLY. There is a choice of essay questions so that you can focus on.

1. Critically discuss how resource use in the current food system can be considered unsustainable.

2. Describe the contribution of livestock production to agriculturei??s greenhouse gas emissions and evaluate the options for dealing with this challenge.

3.Describe the recent global trends in the prevalence of obesity and diet-related ill health and critically discuss the causes of them.

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Essay question 2) Describe the contribution of livestock production to agricultures greenhouse gas emissions and evaluate the options for dealing with this challenge.

I think I made a mistake the first instruction I gave you please choose one essay thanks.