Ontemporary developments in the sports industry in Taiwan

producing a set of powerpoint slides that could be used to accompany a 15 minute individual presentation. The slides need to focus on contemporary developments in the sports industry within one country (Taiwan).
The slides should begin with a short overview of the current economic, cultural and social characteristics of Taiwan. They should then analyze TWO significant contemporary developments relating to that countrys sports industry. These could incllude (but are not limited to): hosting mega-events, government policy towards sport, sports governance, sport media, domestic sporting competitions, and the impacts of globalisation on local sport. You must focus on social, political or econmomc aspects of sport, not simply results otr personalities.
The slides must focus on contemporary developments, not on the history of sport in that country.
Sport business international magazine
SportsPro magzine
Street and Smiths Sports business Journal magazine (US foused)
BBC Business of sport website
When Saturday comes magazine (football)
You must prepare a reference list and include this as your final slide.