Ontemporary Disaster Mangement; Lessons in Disaster Management 2000-2009

Masters Level research-based paper that includes the following:

a. Statement of the problem with an explanation of the issues associated with the problem, including concrete examples.

[example: Lessons learned from specific disasters that have occurred in the last 10 years are consistent with other periods. Mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery are still problematic. Problems with Command, Control, Communication, inter-organizational coordination/cooperation/confusion, persist. Are we doomed to repeat the same problems with disaster management? An example may include the US Forestry Services decision to limit the number of resources deployed at the onset of the California Stationfire, which may have resulted in a catastrophic underestimation of the fires explosive potential.]

b. Identify potential causative factors.

c. Identify potential resolutions and evaluate them.

d. Provide conclusions and/or recommendations for addressing the problem.

e. Integrate the following framework & concepts: Public Sector Human Resource Management, Grants & Contracts, Govt. Budget & finance, Management/leadership competencies.

Must be research-based and analytical. May not be simply a reflection of personal experience. Thus, avoid using first person. Use the following checklist to ensure that work conforms to the minimum requirements before it will be accepted :

must be written in current APA Style with 12-point Times Roman or Times New Roman font. Do not include running page headings. Page numbers must appear at the bottom center.

must be between 10 to 12 double-spaced pages with 1 margins. This page requirement does not include your cover page or references.

must include a minimum of fifteen (15) different and appropriate sources, such as academic journals, trade publications, books, peer reviewed articles, or electronic research reports. may include more than 15 sources but must use at least 15 different sources. sources/references must be properly cited in current APA format throughout document.