Ontemporary East Asian Cinema and Culture Outsiders.

This paper addresses the four films: Happy together(Chinese film), Go( Chinese film), Mother(Korean film), and In Another Country(Korean film). The Paper should provide a critical evaluation of the themes, formal strategies, and styles of the films under consideration. Refer to specific examples from the films, and discuss in detail the relationship between formal structure (Composition, Lighting, Camera Angles and movement, editing strategies, and so on) and thematic content. It needs to talk about the OUTSIDERS. Each of the films portrays marginalized peoples, outsiders. These characters are outsiders by virtue of their sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, economic status, and in some instances combinations of these features. How is this outside rendered in tow or more of the films? What is the difference between an actual outside, somewhere else and an invisible outside carved within mainstream or inside society? What happens in the films when the inside and outside collide? What changes, if anything?