Ontemporary Humanities/The Shrinking Market Is Changing the Face of Hip-Hop

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1. In one paragraph, briefly summarize the article:

2. The author says If youare looking for a two-word motto for hip-hop in 2007, you could do worse than that: Keep grinding.a? What does that mean? Explain fully. The article reports that rap sales plummeted 21% from 2005 to 2006. What do think might account for that?

3. With the rise of the Rapper as tycoonimage, there is a sense in which a rap artists contributions cannot be seen as valuable unless they make great deals of money. Is profit of record sales a particularly good guage of artistic merit? Explain.

4. Hip hop music is described here as Intensely self-aware and self-reflexive.That sounds a bit narcissistic. What might the popularity of such much say about the individuals in the culture in which it is popular? Explain.

5. . Hip hop full-length albums are seen by many potential consumers as Too long for impatient hit lovers.How does this observation relate to the previous story about classical music? What does it say about humanitys capacity to concentrate in the post-modern world? What dangers might be implicit in this?