Ontemporary issue in marketing Airline industry on service quality and relationship marketing

Instruction on my assignment (Contemporary issue in marketing: Airline Industry a Service quality and relationship marketing)
The professor want me to choose 2 topics from the classroom which I pick Service quality and relationship marketing to write the report on contemporary situation (current situation) of the Airline industry and it relationship with the 2 marketing concept above (service quality and relationship marketing). And also the professor wants me to use the theory that he provide on the lecture note that I will provide to you as well as other theory, source that you can find elsewhere as much as possible.
The main focus of this report is going to be 3 parts. With the introduction, follow by main body and conclusion plus recommendation.
In your report you are required to address the following tasks:
First part a INTRODUCTIONAt first start with the introduction first, then
Second part a MAIN BODY a Task 1+ 2 + 3
a? Task 1: Briefly identify and explain the characteristics and features of the 2 contemporary issues that you have chosen

For task 1: you need to provide in-class theory and also other theory about service quality and relationship marketing: definition and how it relate, link to the airline industry (identify, explain the characteristics, analyze how it relate to airline industry)
a? Task 2: Critically evaluate the relevance and implications of the 2 contemporary marketing issues to an industry of your choice (Critical evaluate of Airline industry and 2 marketing issue {service quality + relationship marketing}, this is very important for this report.)

For task 2: you need to bring 2 contemporary marketing issue about airline industry (for example, maybe the change of the strategy, how service quality effect the airline industry etc.) that have service quality and relationship marketing have an impact on those 2 situations and critically evaluate the relevance, in-depth analysis, implication and also pro and cons (advantage + disadvantage), you should provide an example of the airline company to be more specific.
a? Task 3: Identify the most important contemporary marketing issue in terms of its impact on your chosen industry and make recommendations on how the issue can be best managed by organisations within that industry.

For task 3: this is the most important part of the report, identify the issue that you pick from above and tell why is it so important in this airline industry and make make recommendations or suggestions on how the issue can be best managed by organizations within that industry
*total of 4000 words a include graph , chart and table + but not references* and i want it by the 20 thank you so much for helping me.