Ontemporary issue related to a sociological theory

Paper Instructions
Classical Sociological Theory
Write a 4 to 7-page paper in which you reflect on the contemporary relevance of one or more ofthe theories of at least one of the three main authors that we will be reading during this semester: Karl Marx, A0 mile Durkheim or Max Weber. In order to do so, you have to choose some issue of contemporary relevance and relate it to one or more of the theories that we will see in class. Examples: Does Marxa?s theory of the fetishism of commodities help us understand better the consumerism of 21st century capitalist society? Is Durkheimas theory of organic solidarity applicable to the tensions that we find in American society nowadays between different economic or racial groups? How can we use Max Weberas theories about rationalization to understand the contemporary debate between evolution and creationism? The point of the paper is to think about how the works of Marx, Durkheim and Weber can help us understand what is going on in the world today. This does not mean that you cannot be critical of what these authors said. You can focus on the limitations of their theories to explain current phenomena. In fact, one way to approach the paper could be to evaluate the usefulness of a given theory for a contemporary issue, assessing which aspects are still relevant and which are not.
It is not necessary to limit yourself to one theory or one author. You can compare approaches and even theorists. However, be aware of the space limits and try not to be too ambitious.

The three main criteria that I will use to evaluate the paper are:
How well do you know the theories that you are using? (be accurate!)
How well are you connecting the theories to the contemporary issue?
How well organized, written, and clear is your paper?