Ontemporary issues and challenges confronting the small multi-graded school in Kazakhstan.

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to request you to kindly reflect the following points in the paper.

Kazakhstan is a country with vast territory and small population. Big number of rural schools are multi-grade small rural schools.

Small multi-grade rural schools are particularly vulnerable to the decisions of policy makers, Here the inquiry interest lies in how small schools are currently being affected by recent policies and decisions deployed at both national and local level.

Small multi-graded schools require forms of pedagogy and curriculum organisation suited to their scale and their mixed-age classes. The question here is whether national government provision, via their policy documents, offer adequate support and training for the staffs of multi-grade schools.

I would like also to identify other contemporary issues and problems confronting the small multi-graded school and develop recommendations for the development of such schools.

Thank you in advance