Ontemporary Issues and Ethics in Engineering

Please Read the whole instructions. ( Sorry I know its long)

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Discuss a subject from the news that may pose an ethical problem for engineers. Summarize the subject, explaining how it poses an ethical problem. Go into detail analyzing why it is an ethical situation and what challenges or solutions you see for the problem. Be sure to use the standard citation/referencing system. The paper should contain 2-3 paragraphs.

1st Paragraph These journals require you to do two different things. Your first short paragraph should summarize whatever reading assignment you have. You should summarize the main points of those items. This paragraph should be rather shorta€a quarter to a half a page
(preferably quarter page)

2nd (and 3rd) Paragraphs. The next paragraphs of each Response Journal should react to the readinga€asking questions, offering answers, clarifying, or problematizing anything discussed in the reading assignment. This is difficult, but it is also the place where you demonstrate your critical thinking abilities. The point is to show me that you have not only read, but that you have paid attention, thought about, dissected, and learned from the material in our readings. Use your engineering problem-solving abilities to question and examine the readings.”

The subject should deal with ethics of an engineer and can be taken from any news source. The paper is supposed be 2-3 lines more than 1 page, and since I ordered a 4 page paper just 2 days ago, I had asked your chat operator (Susan) if you can do that. She said yes, but also said that it solely depends on you and cant guarantee it. I really hope you can include a few extra lines more than 1 page.

Please have the paper ready by 1 pm ET ( 2pm CST) tomorrow.
Also, can you please include a free bibliography/reference page.

Thank you so much.