Ontemporary issues and research methodology in construction Considerate Constructors Scheme

instruction you are appointed as a consultant for the proposed development. during the early project stage you are asked to produce a proposal for the implementation of the Considerate Constructors Scheme in the development project.

the development a new airport to replace heathrow, the thames estuary hub proposal.
essentially a hub airport of four runways, which can handle 150m passengers/year more than heathrow.
a train station capable of handling 300m passengers/year, forming a link between londons radial lines, the proposed high speed 2 (hs2) to the midlands and the north, the thames estuary ports, HS1 to the channel tunnel and european network.
a tidal barrier as critical flood defence against sea level rise predicted up to year 2100 and beyond and as sustainable electricity generation capable of 1600GWhrs/year

more details of the development are provided in the picture attached