Learning outcomeEvaluate how organisations establish and manage quality standards

Assignment weighting-30% of module mark

Word count Max 2,000words. In order to explore the relevant issues in sufficient depth we anticipate that you will need to write at least 875 words for Part A of the question and at least 875 words for Part B.

Assignment question-

Using the case study provided: i??Accent Hotel Groupi??

Part A Outline the ways in which the Director of Administration and Corporate Services and her team can ensure they provide an effective administration service to achieve Accenti??s i??commitment to excellencei??.

Part B i??Commitment to excellencei?? and i??continuous improvementi?? are two key
themes of Accenti??s culture and new management philosophy. Evaluate
how organisations can achieve a commitment to excellence and
continually improve their business practices and services.

Answer all the points in the question.
_ Not exceed the specified word count( 1,750( TOTAL WORD COUNT EXCLUDING REFERENCES )875 FOR PART A AND 875 FOR PART B)
_ Demonstrate that you have studied the course material.
_ Be in your own words.
_ Contain references correctly set out that identify the sources you have used.
_ Explain any acronyms used on the first occasion of use.
_ Show that you have analysed the ideas and theories referred to in the module.
_ Use clear language with a straightforward layout and structure.
_ Reach a conclusion which draws together the main issues of your assignment and
summarises your findings.
_ Make any appropriate recommendations for the future.
_ Stand alone (i.e. doni??t refer back to, or cite, something you have said in a previous