Ontemporary issues in advanced nursing roles

The assignment for this module requires your typed response to the following questions. Please submit your responses online. Responses may be single spaced. Try to limit to 2 pages; cite references in text. Feel free to present responses in table format if you find that helpful. No cover page required. Place name in header. Use APA format, cite references. Due September 11, 2011.

1. What do you understand to be the purpose of the LACE Regulation Model? NOTE: the first reading on the consensus model relates to the LACE model.

2. What are your thoughts and/or concerns about the proposed LACE regulation model?

3.Discuss the pros and cons of the DNP as the proposed 2015 entry level requirement for advanced practice nursing.

4. Discuss the pros and cons of the proposed a? newa? masteras option.

Note from me( the coustomer) if you have access to this book please use it (Advanced nursing practice: An integrative approach. (required text)

a?Chapter 16 The certified nurse midwife, pp462-488.