Ontemporary issues in business management

Making Connections a Bringing theory and research together using examples from your research, theory, and concepts from module topics:
a? The Diverse Workforce
a? Issues of Social Responsibility
a? Challenges of Leadership
a) Using current and reliable sources discuss what is meant by a?Silver-Surfersa and why the demographic group relevant to this term could be significant for strategy development by contemporary commercial organisations.
b) Using theory from the module (particularly but not exclusively the final three topics) discuss the opportunities and threats for contemporary organisations seeking to engage with this demographic group.
c) Based on your research into this demographic group, explain the ethical and social challenges leaders face in supporting workforce equality and diversity.
a? You are expected to give a brief introduction explaining Silver-Surfers and explain the importance of this segment to businesses
a? Develop your discussion to show what factors a company must consider in relation to this group by linking to module theory and to your research examples.
a? Use current sources of reference introduce examples that will support your conclusions.

some resources provided


Choudrie, J., Pheeraphuttharangkoon, S., Zamani, E. & Giaglis, G. (2014) Investigating the adoption and use of smartphones in the UK: a silver-surfers perspective. UH Business School Working Paper. University of Hertfordshire

Choudrie, J., Ghinea, G. & Songonuga, V. (2012) Silver Surfers, E-government and the Digital Divide: An Exploratory Study of UK Local Authority Websites and Older Citizens. Interacting with Computers. 25 (6). Pp. 417-442