Ontemporary Issues in Consumer Bahaviour

I will add the instructions.

Please find the instructions attached. For the second part I have to write about celebrity advertising as we were put into groups and had to present about one topic and my group presented about Celebrity advertising therefore the tutor has asked everyone to write about the same topic as their presentations. I have also attached the presentation for you.

PLEASE pay very close attention to this: Your explanations and considerations should be based on academic resources. Your review of academic literature must go beyond the general reading recommended for the module and make use of specialist texts and academic journals (mostly from peer-reviewed academic journals) to support your explanations. Focus on academic literature and do not use internet references such as Wikipedia etc. as well as unknown or less academic internet sources to explain concepts and theories. Use them only when referring to a company and/or brand. Reference your sources using Harvard style, including a reference list at the end of each assignment part.

Please read the instructions carefully and write accordingly.This is a VERY important assignment and I have paid for a first class classification and expect the essay to be first class.

Many thanks! Please let me know if you need any further information.