Essay Title:

New studies now show that social background determines pupils success. If as it is suggested, a?Class Does Mattera, does it mean that the government is heading in the wrong direction?
Give some consideration to a?Free Schoolsa a?City Academiesa and Comprehensive Education.

Guidance Notes for Written Assignments

The overall presentation of your work must be clear, coherent and legible. Use the following questions to guide you through key processes in carrying out your assignment:

1. Length is my piece of coursework within the required length?

2. Content have I identified key issues raised by the question? Have I referred to the key theoretical frameworks and models we covered in class to demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the topic under discussion? Are the points I make relevant and focussed?

3. Organisation do I provide a clear introduction explaining how I have structured the essay? Is the development of my discussion easy to follow? Have I used section divisions to give a clear focus to each part to guide the reader? I.e. clearly marked paragraphs in an essay or sub-headings in a report.

4. Coherence do I have a clear idea of my general argument / discussion / analysis? How well have I shown connections between the main points? Are my paragraphs linked? Am I just reproducing the views of others or writing in my own voice? Do I provide evidence in support of my arguments?

5. Presentation have I followed the conventions associated with academic writing? Is the work word-processed 12point font and one-and-a-half line spacing? How well have I checked my work for legibility; unwieldy sentences; grammar, spelling and punctuation; vocabulary and phrasing? (Spell checker will not discriminate between words such as a?theira, a?theyarea and a?therea).

6. References and reference list have I provided clear and adequate references for texts that I have referred to in my work? Have I listed all the sources I have referred to in my work? Have I acknowledged the work of others through the use of quotation marks, references and a reference list?